For the maintenance of your saw

Check the condition of your chainsaw regularly. Because the forces acting on it are high due to powerful motors and hard wood. Every saw develops its own wear pattern. You can obtain a range of chainsaw spare parts from one of our service partners, such as a new guide bar or chain for your chainsaw.

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Saw chain and guide bar change

Changing saw chain and guide bar:

With our petrol chain saws, changing a chain saw chain and guide bar is done in a few easy steps. Take the greatest care and follow the operating instructions for your chainsaw exactly to ensure safe operation. If you are not sure, contact one of our service workshops.

Expert tip for new saw chains:

Before fitting a new saw chain, it is recommended that you place it in a container (trough) with chain retaining oil for some time (preferably overnight). Do not start sawing immediately after fitting the chain, but let it run for a short time with half throttle until a light trace of oil forms on a light background.

Here is an example and very detailed assembly of the guide bar and saw chain on the solo by AL-KO chainsaw 656 C in eleven steps:

1. Loosen the fastening nuts of the rail cover (12)
2. remove rail cover (a).
3. For initial installation, the cardboard washer inserted under the rail cover at the factory as a transport safeguard must be removed before installing the guide rail.
4. Clean the bar support surface and oil outlet when the saws are in use.
5. Adjust the chain tensioning cam (b) with the chain tensioning screw (13a/13b) until the left stop. Note: Each time the guide rail is installed and removed, adjust the chain tensioning cam (b) to the left stop. the guide rail; the chain tensioning cam (b) must fully engage in the hole provided in the guide rail.
7. Place the saw-chain over the sprocket and in the guide bar's guide groove.
8. The cutters of the saw teeth must point towards the bar tip on the top of the bar.
9.Make sure that the drive links engage correctly in the recesses of the sprocket and at the bar tip on the deflector star.
10. Put on the rail cover; first of all, screw on the fastening nuts finger tight.
11. After correct adjustment of the chain tension, tighten the fastening nuts.

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AL-KO stands for state-of-the-art technology and the highest precision in garden technology. Our tools convince with top equipment for your comfort and safety. You are protected from injury and the saw can be safely transported and stored.

For the maintenance and repair of our chainsaws, only use original chainsaw spare parts from AL-KO: In our online shop, you can buy original chainsaw accessories directly from us as the manufacturer and benefit from products that impress with their strong performance.


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