Powerful devices when turning and loosening soil

With our powerful and manoeuvrable cultivators, you effortlessly loosen the soil and prepare it for adding plants and seeds. They can also be used to efficiently incorporate organic material, fertiliser or peat into the ground to support the nutrient richness of your soil. Powerful engines allow our cultivators to cope perfectly even with heavy, loamy soils. The ergonomic handles make it easier for you to guide the tiller so that gardening work is easier and quicker.

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Your advantages
Motor hoes | AL-KO Safety hand lever

More safety

Unintentional turning of the chipper blades is prevented by locked safety hand levers.

Motor hoes | AL-KO Ergonomic handlebar

Ergonomic working

The guide rail, which can be individually adjusted to any body size, ensures relaxed, fatigue-free working. The option of swivelling the handlebar sideways (MH 5007 R) also allows you to work without stepping on the already chopped surface.

Motor hoeing | AL-KO hoeing knife for fine crumbly soil

Fine-crumb soil

Specially shaped chopping blades combined with powerful motors guarantee effective, fine-crumb soil cultivation.

Motor hoes | AL-KO Useful tips for motor hoes

Useful tips

AL-KO Cultivators cut through the ground thanks to powerful petrol engines and with four knives. This concentrated power can be controlled with little fatigue thanks to the excellent ergonomics.

Additional advantages
Manoeuvrable tillers for loosening the soil and preparing the seed
| Indispensable helper for every owner of a kitchen garden
| To incorporate chopped material, humus fertiliser or peat
| Actively working knives
| Safe switching on of the knives thanks to the safety hand lever
| Ergonomic working thanks to adjustable guide bar
| Guide bar to keep the device in the track
| Powerful pull-through even on hard or heavy clayey soils
| Easy manoeuvring thanks to model-dependent reverse gear

The highlight: the comfortable reverse gear 
Some of our cultivators have a reverse gear. This allows you to change direction, which increases the mobility and manoeuvrability of the machine. The manoeuvrability of the tillers combined with the powerful engines and ergonomic guide handles create perfect conditions for loosening the soil in your kitchen garden. The hardened blades work reliably through any type of soil, transforming it into fine, crumbly soil that is then ready for new seedlings or new seedlings. Save yourself the trouble of loosening your garden soil with spades and other manual gardening tools.

Motor hoes | AL-KO Handling the motor hoes

Using our Cultivators

The use of our cultivators is very simple. The following tips will make working with this practical gardening aid even more effective.

| Use: The typical use is seedbed preparation. With an AL-KO motor hoe, this can be done very quickly, whereas it would take hours with a spade and hoe. The motor hoe can also be used to remove weeds.

| Technique: Our motor hoe has a powerful petrol engine that drives four blades. The chopping blades are driven forward and cut into the ground. They pull the whole machine forwards and the gardener only has to point it in the right direction.

Soil cultivation and fertilising: Specially shaped choppers break up the soil, in which fertiliser, seeds etc. are then added. are worked into the soil.

Depth adjustment: The milling depth is adjusted on the rear-mounted hoeing spur. Depending on the type of soil and soil moisture, the correct setting depth must be set.

Cultivators plough through any type of soil

The cultivator is sometimes called a garden tiller or rotary tiller. It is basically the same thing: a motorised hoe equipped with a handle, occasionally a ridging plough and for transport with a wheel.
The motorised hoe from AL-KO makes your work in the kitchen garden easier. For a high-yielding harvest, you need a well-prepared and nutritious soil, which you can maintain easily and comfortably with our cultivators.


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