Mow in rough terrain and cut cleanly at the same time

Our scythe mowers impress with their powerful drive which ensures that the blades mounted on the cutter bar work effectively, quickly and evenly. Operating an AL-KO scythe mower is comfortable as the machines feature vibration-dampening properties and have height-adjustable, ergonomic handle bars. Wild meadows and high grass natural gardens with areas of up to 2,000 square metres are no problem for these machines whilst the wide tyres with a deep tread, a worm gear and a drive that can be switched off provide great versatility.

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AL-KO Balkenmäher advantages | Ergonomic handle

Everything under control

Height-adjustable and vibration-damped, the ergonomically shaped guide rail ensures optimum handling on rough terrain and easy transport.

AL-KO Scythe Mower Advantages | Knives

Robust down to the last detail

In addition to the specially hardened ESM blade with infinitely height-adjustable outsoles, the AL-KO beam mowers are characterised above all by the encapsulated driver. This causes less soiling and thus ensures a longer running time.

AL-KO scarifier | blade roller

Fields of Application

Scythe mowers are not only used for agriculture and forestry. Today, private gardeners are also using such a device: thanks to pneumatic tyres and forward and optional reverse gear, it is a convenient mower. But AL-KO scythe mowers can do even more: With additionally available accessories such as snow blade and snow chains, the scythe mowers are also practical helpers in the white season.

The professional beam mower with premium service

In high grass meadows and ecological natural gardens, machines like this scythe mower are in demand, which cuts forage grass just as well as thick wild herbs.

The AL-KO BM scythe mowers

The well-balanced design of the scythe mowers makes them extremely manoeuvrable and makes mowing easier, even on rough terrain. Thanks to the moveable grass deflector, no grass remains on the cover. The ESM blades of the AL-KO scythe mowers are specially hardened and therefore extremely durable.

Height-adjustable and vibration-damped, the ergonomically shaped guide rail ensures optimum handling on the terrain and easier transport. The shorter distance between wheel and beam improves grass placement. In addition to the specially hardened blades with continuously height-adjustable outsoles, the AL-KO scythe mowers are characterised above all by the encapsulated driver. This causes less soiling and ensures a longer running time.

AL-KO scythe mower | petrol
Useful Tips

Scythe mowers are often used where nature is given priority, such as in wild gardens or large meadows. Unlike the rotary mower, the scythe mower cuts the grass without cutting it off. This means that it also has a firm place in agriculture for cutting fodder plants.

I Height-adjustable, vibration-damped ergonomic guide rail
I Thanks to the movable grass deflector, no more grass on the housing cover
Specially hardened ESM blades for long service life
I Infinitely height-adjustable outsoles
I Encapsulated blade shoes mean less dirt

Scythe mowers - the manoeuvrable grass mowers in natural gardens 

In meadows or ecological natural gardens, it is particularly important that only machines that are suitable for this purpose are used - such as the AL-KO scythe mowers, which cut forage grass just as well as thick wild herbs. With their special mode of operation, they are the right solution. Our machines are characterised by a high-quality cutter bar which cuts the grass by moving back and forth at a constant speed. This is much gentler on the blades of grass than shortening with a conventional lawnmower. It also makes it possible to mow even tall and damp grass.

Advantages of the AL-KO scythe mowers:

Universally applicable and very manoeuvrable
Specially hardened blades with edge protection
Ecological mowing
Many robust details

Use our sustainable scythe mowers to give gardens and wild growing meadows a natural look. In this way, you give nature room to unfold its beauty.


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