For a well-kept lawn at every angle

With a grass trimmer from AL-KO, maintaining areas of the lawn where the mower can not reach is effortless. Whether you need to trim the grass around the perimeter of your lawn, under obstacles such as garden benches or for trimming overhanging grass from over your flower beds, the flexibility of our trimmers make this a quick and easy task. There is a choice of electric or cordless models available all of which are equipped with automatic bump feed heads whilst certain models allow you to adjust the angle of the cutter head for maximum versatility in all directions.

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Lawn Trimmer | AL-KO Lawn Trimmer for finishing work in the garden

Trim where the mower can't

For mowing along walls, fences and other obstacles - with the spool fitted, AL-KO lawn trimmers are ideally equipped for all fine work.

Lawn Trimmer | AL-KO Lawn Trimmer with plant protection bracket

Precise up to the edge

Thanks to the plant protection bar and wheel, you can trim precisely under bushes or next to walls and edges without causing damage.

Lawn Trimmer | AL-KO Lawn Trimmer with tiltable head

Trimming in all positions

With the 3-stage tilt adjustment on the trimmer head, even hard-to-reach areas such as under benches are easily reached (depending on model).

Lawn Trimmer | AL-KO Lawn Trimmer with rotating trimmer head

Flexible in all directions

The 180 degree rotating trimmer head allows all lawn edges to be cut precisely. The telescopic aluminium shaft and the flexible handle (depending on model) ensure the correct length and working position.

Lawn trimmers | AL-KO lawn trimmers in use

Useful tips

There are places in every garden that you cannot reach with a lawnmower. This means that after mowing, the grass along the edge of the lawn, along paths and around trees, bushes and beds has not yet been cut to the right length. For this fine cut, use a grass trimmer.

Thanks to the flexible handle, our trimmers can be adjusted quickly and easily. The aluminium shaft makes our trimmers particularly light and have a good balance. The practical automatic bump feed head makes line adjustment simple. A short tap on the ground with the cutting head is enough and the trimmer is equipped with new cord and ready for use again. 

We not only have the perfect lawn in mind, but also your needs. That is why we have developed lawn trimmers with ergonomically adjustable telescopic shafts and handles. They are also equipped with a nylon thread and a powerful motor for precise work. Be impressed with the precise cut and the high level of working comfort of our lawn trimmers and fulfil your dream of a perfectly cut lawn.

| Capable of working where lawnmowers reach their limits

| The perfect complement for your well-kept garden right to the edge

| Battery or electric models

| Precise and effortless trimming and cutting in all positions

| Manual, versatile and individually adaptable to your needs

Perfectly trimmed lawn all round - thanks to the AL-KO lawn trimmers

The bigger and more twisty your garden, the more difficult it will be to reach every tuft of grass with the lawn mower. But even on small plots there are areas around beds and trees or under bushes that are difficult to reach. The perfect complement to the lawnmower is a handy lawn trimmer from AL-KO. Some of our machines have a trimmer head that can be tilted three times and swivelled horizontally and vertically. In this way you can cut the grass optimally even in places where other devices fail (e.g. under benches, wall projections or between stones). Our lawn trimmers are equipped with a plant protection bar to protect plants, fences, and walls.


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