Cordless Lawnmowers

Battery Lawnmower: No exhaust, no cable

Our battery lawn mowers are ideal for small or medium sized gardens and incredibly easy to use and maintain. They are extremely lightweight so that you can easily transport and store the mower. For this purpose, they have foldable handlebars which can be folded together. Choose a lawnmower with battery if you want a light, handy device that you can use flexibly and easily. The heart of this electric mower is a high-quality Li-ion battery. Light-emitting diodes inform you reliably about its charge state. The lithium-ion technology also ensures that the battery does not discharge and prevents a memory effect that would reduce the effective capacity of the battery so you can always count on a powerful device.


Our power packs offer emission-free and quiet operation without limitations. The lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable at any time, have no memory effect and have very little self-discharge.

Battery-devices are fully up-to-date due to the latest electronic technologies available. You no longer have to find the correct battery and charger for each device as both the AL-KO 18 V family and the AL-KO 36 V family offers a solution: a rechargeable battery for many different devices.

  • I Cordless and no emissions thanks to the Li-Ion battery 
  • I Robust steel sheet housing on certain models
  • I Wide cutting width available
  • I Safe starting with socket key

The Moweo Cordless Lawnmowers 
The Moweo cordless mowers from the AL-KO EnergyFlex family combines the advantages of a classic petrol lawn mower with the quiet and exhaust-free operation of an electrical appliance - without the need for cables. For small lawns a compact version with plastic housing is also available. 

A special highlight is the AL-KO EnergyFlex battery: It delivers an impressive performance with its 40 Volt Max and 4.0Ah or 5.0 Ah, so that depending on grass and terrain, the AL-KO cordless mower can mow areas up to 600 m² with one battery charge. Thanks to its lithium-ion cells, it is exceptionally durable and not self-discharging. An LED display always allows exact control of the current state of charge. If the charge is low, the battery can be changed easily and quickly. The charging time using the EnergyFlex charger is approximately 90 minutes. 
Our two years manufactures warranty is included throughout the AL-KO 36 V range.


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