AL-KO 36 V Akku-Familie | solo® by AL-KO Gartengeräte

AL-KO 36 V solo® by AL-KO garden tools

Strong performance for the highest demands

Garden professionals rely on the cordless tools of the master class and only need one battery for all demanding tasks: Whether hedge trimming, grass trimming, wood chopping, tree pruning or grass mowing - our powerful AL-KO 36 V lithium-ion battery with 36 V (40 V max.) drives every solo® by AL-KO cordless tool to peak performance. It is available with a capacity of either 4.0 Ah or 5.0 Ah.

This is how our most powerful battery family ensures impressive results for semi-professional and professional garden work.

Your benefits

Extremely robust
Long battery life
Large variety of devices

AL-KO 36 V Akku-Familie im Überblick | solo® by AL-KO Gartengeräte

Power for demanding work

With the AL-KO 36 V cordless family and the solo® by AL-KO garden tools, you can master all garden work, no matter how extensive, on a large to commercial scale.

Carry the battery conveniently on your belt: the solo® by AL-KO battery belt BB 40

With the solo® by AL-KO cordless belt BB 40, the powerful solo® by AL-KO professional tools can be used particularly conveniently.

Longer working hours without interruption: A spare battery leaves to carry on the belt. If the first battery is empty, the next one is used immediately.
Comfortable padding: The battery belt is completely padded . Together with the silicone cushions on the battery compartments, this ensures the best possible comfort when working.
Optimal freedom of movement: The arms are relieved because the The battery is no longer attached to the device. Two cable holders on the side of the belt allow the device to be guided easily.
Pro tip: Use the AL- KO ENERGY FLEX adapter (item no. 127579) you can use the complete range of hand-held AL-KO 36 V garden tools.

Good to know:

You always need the BB battery belt for all solo® by AL-KO cordless hand tools (except for the cordless brushcutter and cordless multi-tool). 40.

The AL-KO 36 V adapter not only gives you solo® by AL-KO cordless tools, but also the diversity of the AL- KO ENERGY FLEX range.

If you have any questions, your AL-KO dealer or our customer service will be happy to help.

Discover our solo® by AL-KO cordless garden tools for the AL-KO 36 V cordless

36 V - perfekte Power für Garten-Profis | AL-KO 36 V Akku-Familie

Why do we deliberately use 36 V (40 V max.)?

A lot of volts = a lot of power? Sounds nice, but it's not true. The power of your garden tool is not described solely by the voltage rating or the ampere hours. Volt is just a measure of voltage - much more important is the specification of watt hours. Because watt hours (Wh), the multiplication of voltage and capacity (volt x ampere hours), describe the energy content and thus the operating time until recharging.

Unit: Volt (V)


Unit: ampere hour (Ah)


Unit: watt-hour (Wh)

We keep a close eye on the needs of our semi-professional and professional users and therefore deliberately use rechargeable batteries with up to 40 V max. and up to 180 watt hours. Because they offer the following advantages - perfectly tailored to the requirements of your gardening work:

Professional performance
Long runtimes
Optimally tuned weight
Manageable size
Good value for money

Higher voltage numbers (higher voltage) do not mean a higher benefit - on the contrary: They can only be achieved with more battery cells in the battery and are therefore inevitably associated with disproportionately higher weight, a larger, bulky housing and significantly higher costs.

We want to make gardening easier for you, which is why we only consider the best solution: Smart battery technology up to 40 V max., easy to use for pure gardening pleasure. So we always have exactly the right type of drive and the perfect power for your needs.

The nominal voltage (36 V) is the voltage during normal operation.

The maximum voltage (40 V max.) gives the maximum measurable Value that is reached after loading is complete.

solo® by AL-KO cordless garden tools with AL-KO 36 V battery in use


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